Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday in Holy Week

Well, I think my big noise for Tennebrae came off brilliantly. I threw 8 Cookie Sheets down the back steps and fairly jumped myself. Such a relief. For some reason not vouchsafed to me I always get really nervous before Tennebrae. Well, and before the Vigil Fire Pot. Maybe because its really good if you get it right, and laughable when you get it wrong. And laughing is not the result we are trying to achieve.

I'm thinking for the potluck tomorrow of Curried Lentils done in my Crock Pot. With a big vat of rice.

And then Friday we're going to decorate Easter Eggs. Kind of a bad moment liturgically but whatever. Aedan informed us that two different Easter Bunnies came to his school, one on Tuesday and one today. Both days overladen with candy. That, as we all know, says Matt every year, is why Jesus died on the cross. So that you could receive a vat of candy from the Easter Bunny.

Good Night!

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Jessica said...

Any chance of a recipe? We love curry, I'm a fan of lentils and anything crockpot is good (especially with the very little time I have to spending on cooking just now).

Glad Holy Week is going well for you.