Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry, More Politics. Can't Help It.

So, on the way home from my six week (heh, actually 4 month) post partum check up (wherein I was complimented many times over for my excellent blood pressure) I heard the news about Spitzer. And then I indulged myself in a little Lenten sin of watching the news about it all for an hour (well, maybe a little longer). And I have two thoughts.

First of all, his wife shouldn't have had to go out and stand there next to him while he talked even more about himself. I note that other people have already said this, and I agree. I don't think any woman should have to go prop up her politician husband in that manner unless she wants to. And this nice lady didn't look like she wanted to. Of course, she married him in the first place. She can't have been completely unaware of his character. Notwithstanding, I hope she wasn't pressured into this public display. If feminism has brought anything to public life (besides so many awful things) it should be that a woman doesn't have to stand next to an awful man at a press conference to make him look good. But apparently it hasn't.

And second, I want to note that I went out particularly to vote against Spitzer when I had the chance, and reveled in my vote and was glad to cast it and have been completely irritated with the New York electorate for the last year that has thrown itself at the feet of this poor pinched ambitious man, may God have mercy on him. I didn't think he'd succumb to this, but I didn't believe him principled in the way that apparently all the rest of New York did, may God have mercy on us all. But then, why am I surprised, we have Hillary Clinton and Chuck Shumer for Senators. Frankly, we deserve what we get.


Anonymous said...

The Governor of New Jersey's wife said she stood beside him because of the was bad enough but she didn't want them to think even she had deserted their father.

Not all New Yorkers voted to Spitzer (I didn't).

What's wrong with Chuck???

Anne Kennedy said...

Sorry so slow about comments. Chuck is ok, I guess, but he's so consistently liberal. Down the line. That's my ownly problem with him. And really with NY in general. The majority of the population just seems reflexively liberal, even the Republicans.