Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Round Up

My dear Parent es are in town as of this morning (Come hear Dr. Robert Carlson preach and do Sunday School at Church of the Good Shepherd tomorrow! If you're in Binghamton.) And Rowan has the throwing up bug. And I've got to do the bulletin.

So I don't have time to be amazing. However, I offer you all the reading I did just now in procrastinating from doing the bulletin.

A Great Post for all of you who loving having babies and love people that have them.

The Latest Installment on the Value and Gifts of the Internets, as well as its Lackings.

And A Really Great Rant-So Worth It.

And, for a nice little lead into Sunday
Noni (in a general way): What would you feed Jesus if he came to dinner?
Me: Well, probably a nice light quiche and a beautiful salad. And a chocolate cloud cake.
E: Whatever he asked of me.
Me: Oh yeah, that.

Which leads me to my Great Announcement.
I hope all of you in the Binghamton Area will come to Good Shepherd NEXT Saturday, April 5th, at 4 (or 5, the latest) in the afternoon, to see The Reverend Matthew M. Kennedy Face Off Against The Reverend Anne E C Kennedy in the First Ever
Iron Shepherd
Two cooks battling out in the Church Kitchen using whatever secret ingredient will be provided unto them. May God frustrate mine enemies.


Anonymous said...

I know that everyone is in for a treat to hear your father. So enjoyed meeting them last week.

Will be waiting with baited breath to hear the winner of the cook off! A whole week away!


Rich said...

Will Dr. C. do a "Shepherdscast" for those of us with other obligations?

Sounds like Anglican TV needs to be there next Saturday! (Do Iron Shepherds raise steel wool?)

Anne Kennedy said...

Forgot to podcast (baby throwing up all night) But, I've just posted the text.

As for the Iron Shepherd, that should be live. I wonder if there will be away to have a live link online. Hmmm.