Thursday, March 13, 2008

Long Day

I took E visiting with me today. She carried my communion box and set everything out and piously folded her hands in prayer. I would say even a little condescendingly.

So its been a full complete day of pastoral care and discipleship all over the place. And even a trip to Salvation Army.

Person I was with: How much for this chair? Its for the church.
Salvation Army Guy: A church? Really? What church?
PIWW: Church of the Good Shepherd.
SAG: 10 dollars. If its really for the church.
PIWW: Cool. Great. You're going to heaven. Well, maybe you are. I don't know.
Me: Thank you so much, Sir, God bless. (to myself: hahahah. Oh dear.)

So now I'm crashing into bed because tomorrow there's a healing service to grapple, and some more visits and Sunday's bulletin and all the bulletins for Holy Week, and a Pie, because my oldest, most pious child requires a pie. And a lot of new fancy Easter clothes to try on. I just want it known, for sure for sure, that E picked her own Easter dress this year with no reference to me whatsoever.


Shawn said...

As the guilty party regarding the dress....I (Mimi, Emma's grandma)could hardly resist her wondrous love for the dress which she found in a catalogue and got on the phone to tell me "Mimi,I found the most beeeuuuuuutiful yellow dress for Easter and it has a hat too!" How could any grandma worth her salt resist that? She will look and feel BEEEEEUUUUTiful and be a shining (satin with rhinestones) star for Easter!

R said...

Hehe! Great fun- You really can't beat satin, rhinestones, AND a hat- makes me wish I could find an Easter bonnet to wear! Most of my hats seem to be in very somber colours (read 'black').