Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Wanting to Go to Bed

Rowan is miserably sick. As I mentioned before, he caught the throwing up bug and feels extremely ill used and unhappy. To comfort himself, this morning, after being dressed and having refused breakfast, he dug The Bee costume out of a pile of clean laundry and requested to be shoved therein ("peas. Peas."). He then wore this Bee All Day, even and until working up the strength to plow through a bowl of ice cream this evening.

"I feel sick," said Emma, on seeing the ice cream. "My throat, no, my tummy, actually, my throat feels like I need to throw up."
"Well, then you better put on your pj's and go to bed," said Matt.
"Oh," said Emma, disappointed. "Well, I need all these books tonight."
"Pick One," said I.

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