Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family Fun Day

E and A decided to come into church with me today (along with the baby) leaving Matt to the mercy of R at home.

A carefully choose a brownish tie, his bright Easter vest from last year, a white collared shirt with slightly too short sleeves, a pair of pants well stained with paint and his church shoes to wear. E came in her pjs and had to be shoved into clothes after Morning Prayer because of being very slow. I got all dressed up and then flung tea all over myself on the way out the door.

We're all settled comfortably and messily into the office, cutting up bits of paper and taping them to the wall, spraying poster board with gold paint (for the Stations), and trying to remember what was decided about music for the service tonight, and screaming about our teeth (well, just the baby is screaming, the rest of us are listening to some opera or another very loudly).

In a little bit we will clatter downstairs and dig through the cupboards looking for lunch. And irritate everyone by having opinions about how the tables should be set up for the potluck tonight. Obviously what Jesus meant about 'preparing' for the passover feast.

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