Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Evening is at Hand

(It'll help if you have nice new crisp copy of National Review in Hand and turn the pages as we go.)
E: Can we read?
Me: Sure. Let's see, here, read this.
E: The W e ee k, Week. The Week.
A: What's a week? Is it that guy?
Me: No. That's the Prince of Wales.
Inordinate Laughter.
A: That's funny.
Me: Ok, read this.
E: M an, Man. O F, of. Thuck.
Me: Thought.
E: Oh, Man of Thought. M an, Man. O F, of. Act.
Me: Action.
E: Man of Thought. Man of Action. That's crazy. Ok, this one. Do you knuck.
Me: Know.
E: Do you know the
Me: this
E: Do you now this Wo M An, woman?
Inordinate Laughter.
A: I don't know her. She's pretty.
Me: Yes she is. Very (turns out its someone or other Clare Boothe and we should know about her but we don't so we obviously all have work to do.) Me, ok, just one more.
E: Two More.
Me: Ok.
E: My O Ld, Old. M AN Man. and the Suck.
Me: Sea.
E: Oh. My Old Man and the Sea. He's not old.
Me: Not in this picture.
E: Is he ok? Is he going to make it back to the boat?
A: He's a pirate.
Me: He makes it back fine. That's his boat. He's not a pirate.
E: Is he the president?
Me: No, he's William F. Buckley.
A: Buckley, heh. That's funny.
E: I'm going to be president. I'm going to be 100 Things.
Me: Ok.
E: Ok, this one. The. B ent, Bent. P In, Pin. The Bent Pin.
Inordinate laughter.
A: Pins can't Bend.
Me: This one can. Bed Time At Last. Good Night.

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