Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Too Much Time on my Hands and A Request

I know everyone has already been so articulate about the Presiding Bishop's "Easter" Message. Poor Lady. Its hard not to be brilliant with such fodder (heh). I said to myself, on my computer binge reading about Spitzer and Schori and the deposition of Schofield and Cox, 'boy, things are really getting bad'. But I think that is a wrong estimation. Things have been bad, for as long as the world has been making its own way. Its not like politicians before were so moral and upright and good. And the church has always been full of shallow 'theologians', 'bishops', 'clergy' diludedly thinking their own agenda is God's agenda. It may be that things are getting bad or worse, but they were never that good.

And that is why I request, when we Anglicans in America start the work of making a better Prayer Book than the '79 one (which I assume we'll be doing, and if we're not, I move that we do), that we return the line 'and there is no health in us' to the Confession. The 'devices and desires of our own hearts' is a good way of beginning, but it really doesn't go far enough.

And I request this even in light of possibly inviting snarky comments about Calvinism and self loathing etc. If only, if only Mr. Spitzer had loathed himself a little more, had denied himself something. If only Mrs. Schori (that's right, I said Mrs.) had a little more loathing for herself and a little less loathing for the Bible, she might not be wrecking her way through the church in its holiest season. Jesus did not suffer and die on the cross so that she could sit at her computer for 3 minutes and write whatever came first into her head. That's what blogging is for.

(I tried to add links but my computer is being super annoying. Also, I'm lying on the couch with the flu, so this may not actually make the sense that I intend.)


r said...

"Jesus did not suffer and die on the cross so that she could sit at her computer for 3 minutes and write whatever came first into her head. That's what blogging is for."

I have to say, that line made me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Yes that leaves something to be desired. However, when I google "presiding bishop Easter message", I found this instead:


(sorry don't know how to make this a link....)

Anonymous said...

That one is from 2007.

Anne Kennedy said...

Sorry about the links. I actually read all about it on Stand Firm which I meant to link but my computer kept freezing. Sorry sorry.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I second R. A great line!

The whole thing is pretty hard to believe. Or not, I guess.


Anonymous said...

A new prayerbook...yes, oh please, yes. A few weeks ago I held ours in my hands, thinking of the occasions on which they were received, and how much has changed... I cried for a long while. Now as I look ahead to Holy Week, I cannot bring myself to use these books and find myself wondering what to use instead.

Blessings to all.


TLF+ said...

You have the flu with a healing workshop at hand? "This has happened that God's glory might be revealed."

God bless and heal you.

Editor said...

Anne, thanks for the kind link to my Hills of the North blog! Blessings to you and Matt and your family. You're an inspiration!