Monday, March 03, 2008

I posted this earlier today but it disappeared so here it is again.

Matt and I are embattled in Monday Morning Negotiations. I’ve got my calendar out and I’m trying to get out of some stuff.
Me: I’ll visit M, B and P if you take R to his well baby shots on Friday.
Matt: Friday’s not good for me, I have to write a sermon.
Me: I’ll write the sermon too. (I’m willing to do almost anything to get out of taking R to his shots.)
Matt: Well, I wanted to preach.
Me: I’ll make bread today.
Matt: Ok.
Me: And if you’ll clean the house today I’ll call M, T and C.
Matt: Ok. (He’ll do lots to get out of making calls).
Me: Ok, so Wednesday, I’ll take A to school and then do the noon Eucharist and do visits. And then Friday you’ll take R, for sure.
Matt: Sure.
Me: And you won’t back out, at the last minute?
Matt: Sure.
Me: Did you hear what I just said?
Matt: Sure.
Me: Are you listening to the sound of the ocean?
Matt: Sure.
Me: So this conversation is over?
Matt: Hmm?
Me: Shots. Do you absolutely agree about the shots?
Matt: Yes, I’ll take him. No problem.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the perils of a blogging wife. Matt doesn't have your password to the blog, does he? Could explain why the post "disappeared"...

TLF+ said...

Why don't you guys have executive committees, consultative counsels and a "calendar process" to handle all this while you...uh...while you... well... get on with mission?

I'll get back to you.