Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Pictures

 Marigold's new favorite thing is to remove her diaper. Trying to put off potty training for another week but it really is time.
 Lots and lots of cool TV that we don't have at home.
 One trip to the Fabulous Fountain.
 Matt' dad went on a trip for a couple of days and his dog, Bob, missed him very very very much.
 Some of the many presents I received for my birthday.
 A beautiful looking blackberry pie, which, unfortunately, was a failure. I put a whole cup of sugar over the berries but they were still sort of bitter tasting. Boo hoo. But the apple pie was delicious.
 Another trip to the fountain.

 The older girls getting their nails painted after the fountain.
 Matt honoring his father and mother by digging out their pond (see previous post about roaches) that his days may be long in whatever land the Lord his God gives him.
 Everybody likes the sand box.
 And we FINALLY got her ears pierced. Been weighing on my mind a great deal so I'm very pleased. She only cried for one second and then returned to happiness.

 And here is the roller skating.

And here is Marigold looking her disreputable dissatisfied usual self.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We're still very busy

but now we're not just sitting we're running around doing stuff because we only have a week left.

Today we're going to the Toy Barn. I mean, that's not what it's called but it should be.
"Why are you going to the Toy Barn?" Matt asked me last night. "Why do the children need toys?"
"I don't know," I said, "their grandmother promised to take them."
"What will they do with more toys?" he asked.
"I don't know," I said, "carry them around and break them."

Originally, unbeknownst to himself, Matt was supposed to accompany us to the Toy Barn, but he has escaped by taking on the gargantuan task of digging out his mother's long broken pond. Its a really pretty pond but the pump broke a few years ago and there was just never time to fix it.

So Matt and Elphine and Alouicious went outside yesterday, cheerfully, prepared to move rocks and have a good time. Matt moved the first rock and out crawled a little itsy bitsy cockroach.
"Ooo," shouted Elphine with delight.
She and Alouicious have been hunting roaches all week, thinking that they are awfully cool 1. because they have never seen them before and 2. because some helpful person told them they were around at the same time as The Dinosaurs. I caught Elphine asking her grandmother for a glass jar and a lid.
"Sure, hang on sweetie," said her grandmother, but then paused for just a moment, looked Elphine up and down and wisely asked, "what are you going to put in it?"
"Those dinosaur bugs," she shouted (she's taken to shouting Everything. Its driving me crazy).

So they moved a second rock and out crawled another roach. Matt blithely sprayed the two bugs to kill them and suddenly, as they say in the Bible, a multitude of roaches swarmed over the face of the whole pond. Alouicios and Elphine were hustled back inside while Matt killed and killed and killed and killed roaches for quite a long time. Eventually, however, when it seemed there more no more to kill and poison was dripping off everything, he clad the two in gloves and stuff and let them get in the mud and help him move rocks, which they continued to do for almost the whole rest of the day.

So maybe a visit to the Toy Barn is in order. "Its the first time," said Matt at the end of the day, "that they've been an actual help to me in the yard."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

35 Things I'm grateful for as I turn 35 (tomorrow)

(Not In Order Of Importance)
1. That' I'm not turning 36 yet, only 35.
2. That I've convinced my children not to pretend to be in a band and perform rock music as a present.
3. My mom and dad
4. That for ten years I had a beautiful cat.
5. My big beautiful red living room rug.
6. Elphine
7. Alouicious
8. Romulus
9. Gladys
10. Marigold
11. The Baby (who still needs a blog name)
12. That we got a proper holiday this year.
13. Matt's parents.
14. The remarkably good sermon we heard this morning at The City Church.
15. That the little bit of garden we planted actually grew.
16. That Matt's foot healed all the way.
17. That child birth didn't kill me (yet).
18. That I got to grow up abroad and had so many interesting pets.
19. Jesus
20. That I know how to read.
21. That I got to go to Cornell and study fascinating and useless things.
22. That I'm exactly as tall as I am and that my feet haven't spread to much (yet).
23. That we can work in and live next to the church.
24. That the church is increasingly full of fascinating and gospel driven people.
25. My pediatrician.
26. My OB doctor.
27. This amazing fountain here in Corpus that the children can actually go in.
28. That my girls have such beautiful clothes and hair and they let me put stuff in it.
29. That my boys are next to each other in birth so as to fend off their sisters.
30. My beautiful new Kindle
31. Matt
32. Matt
33. Matt
34. Matt
35. Matt

Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Men in a Boat, plus six children and a lady

 We went fishing today in the ocean. Well, it was a lagoon attached the ocean. Alouicious wanted to know if it was possible to drain the ocean and where the water could go. I told him to hang on and try to work it out in his own mind. Death by a thousand questions. That's going to be the way I go.
 We did have hats but they couldn't wear them while the boat was hurtling forward through the water because they blew off. But every time we stopped to fish, we put on the hats. And more sunscreen.
 They were having a good time. We only have one style of taking pictures--glaring into the camera.
 I was sea sick. But I kept myself together and concentrated on the horizon and tried to work out whether we were in a roughly comparable sized space as the Sea of Galilee. In this way I was able never to throw up.
 Marigold desired very much to walk off the side of the boat into the sea. She was angry all the time with short breaks when she had peanut butter cracker in her mouth.
 Elphine caught the first fish. We had to throw all the fish back because they were too small (May the Almighty be Praised).

 Alouicious caught a cat fish and some other kind of fish. He was very pleased with himself.
Romulus left with the mistaken impression that he had caught a lot of shrimp. As he was perfectly satisfied with this idea, no one disabused him of it and he was able to take a restful and refreshing nap in the bottom of the boat for part of the morning. How like Jesus he is.

Now we are regathering our strength by watching Word Girl and eating ice. Who knows what the morrow may bring?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Online At Last

Trying not to binge on the internet after being offline since we arrived in Corpus on Tuesday. Not that I was up to anything like reading or swallowing or anything, being that I came down with strep again. The very nice barking doctor in San Antonio told me to have my tonsils out. Sounds reasonable, frankly, after being sick this much.

But I'm much better, so we will go out in celebration of being married 10 years today. How time does fly, as someone or other said. Six babies in ten years isn't too shabby. Nor having a pretty good job. Not to mention having a thoroughly uncomplicated and happy marriage. Been contemplating all week how easy married life has been. All the foul predictions of stress and bad communication and unhappiness culminating in divorce and general ghastliness have never materialized. I'm really grateful to have things so beautiful and easy. And also, "for there always being an eye to catch" (badly quoted from Mrs. Miniver whom I do not have on hand).

Monday, August 08, 2011

the Amazing Fun Continues

We've made it from Houston through Temple to San Antonio and are recovering for a day with the cousins in their beautiful house and awesome pool. Along the way I and the babies have contracted a richly bubbly cold. Also, the weather continues hot.

Anyway, you can see that we've gone from strength to strength--horse back riding to water feature jumping to swimming to family party after family part. I leave you to deduce which is which. Hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be able to unclog my head and think clearly and write something fascinating about our adventures.

 (Matt and two of his cousins--sorry about the focus.)