Monday, March 31, 2008

Morning Bible Story

Matt: This morning we're reading about Daniel in the Lion's Den. (We're going in order, through the Old Testament.)
E: Oh Good, that's my favorite.
A: And there's lions.
Matt: Right. Now King Darius,
Me walking through in an unpleasant (should I say 'hostile' morning stupor: Its Darius.
M: King Darius made a decree that everyone needed to worship and pray to ....(reads the story).... What do you think? If you were Daniel, would you go and pray in your open window or worship the king?
E: I would pray to Jesus.
A: Me too.
Matt: What if God chose not to close the mouths of the lions?
E: I would still pray to Jesus.
Matt: What about you A?
A (scornfully): No. I don't want to be eaten by lions.
E: That's why the man is coming to take our house and church. Because we were worshiping Jesus?
Matt: More or less, but Jesus always provides for us, even when we have to suffer.
E: I know.


Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes . . .


Kellie said...

Aww. And wow--Emma's come a long way from God telling her to steal people's stuff!

Anonymous said...

Have to tell you about the modified first communion training we did the last 3 weeks. It ended up being with one little 51/2 year old, but it has been rich. Today was the day we talked about reconciliation and we brought in Rev. Cathie to talk with her about confession. I prepped Rev. Cathie and said to keep it simple. She said afterward, C. told her to "give me the hard questions!"

To start off, she made a card on her own. She drew 3 crosses with the men on them. Then, on one side of Jesus she drew the chalice and the other the bread. Do you think she got it!!!! We mainly did the Good Shepherd, the Eucharistic Presence, the True Vine 1 and a lot of prayer table talking.

Sunday will be her first Holy Communion. It will be really special. She's the daughter of the catechist trainer. Rev. Cathie was blown away. So was I. Makes it all worth while.

Please tell your Mother that I received the tape. IF the one they kept is not acceptable, let me know and I will make a copy of the master and get it to you. It was a very powerful meditation.

Praying for you