Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stations of the Cross

So, I've never really been all that enthusiastic about the Stations of the Cross. We really only do them once a year on Good Friday after we've done everything else we can possibly do. This is largely due to a lack of a good version. We have a smattering of little booklets with varying strange rhymes and bad writing.

This year I had enough. I didn't throw the booklets away but I hid them carefully and effectively and spent three Sundays putting all my atrium kids to work. I had them each pick one station and read the Scriptures concerning it and pray (that was Sunday One). Then they had to illustrate it (Sunday Two) and finally rewrite the station in their own words (Sunday Three).

Numbering on my To Do List this week will be to make a nice little book of all their writings, and the mounting of all their work on little poster boards to hang under each station. I hope also (God willing and the creek don't rise) to take pictures of each station.

I was really delighted at how seriously everyone took this project. I've got a folder full of lovely things to hang and type up. And I think it will be a lot more meaningful to walk the stations having invested so much in them. Hopefully pictures forth coming.

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Ann said...

This sounds great - will you post the pages?