Friday, February 01, 2008

Yogurt Pancakes

So they were delicious. I used the basic Joy of Cooking pancake recipe substituting yogurt for milk, Lyle's Golden Syrup for sugar and then thinning it (heh) with heavy cream. We have tons of cream, just no milk. The pancakes were light, fluffy, a touch sour (which I loved but E was unsure about) and delicious. R methodically ate his way through three without stopping for breath Or, more surprisingly, throwing any on the floor, or himself. Then he had a bath and is now lying on the floor staring at the falling ice, like after Thanksgiving. Naked he's starting to look like one of those cheezy naked baby angels with wings and an arrow. I've never had a fat baby before so it's pretty satisfying. So, R and I highly recommend Yogurt Pancakes (with butter and syrup).

Seriously, there's no spell check.

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Geri said...

What is Lyle's golden syrup? Is that like Karo syrup?