Thursday, February 14, 2008


So last Friday, I succumbed to Matt's cold with a vengeance. I missed my women's Bible Study on Saturday morning, leaving them to cope with Job 1 and 2 without any aid or comfort, and spent the day in bed, vaguely trying to change the bulletin over from Epiphany to Lent. But as the day progressed I had a harder and harder time seeing. Sunday morning I woke up with one eye glued shut. I went to church anyway because I had work to do, but I freaked everyone out with my streaming red disgusting eyes. I finally managed to get home and close them, mercifully.

E woke up sick Monday morning and climbed in my bed and the two of us slept all day while all chaos ensued. R and A managed to completely undo the house systematically and entirely. Our poor unsuspecting neighbors stopped by in the evening to say hi and ended up staying with all the kids so I could go to the walk in, where I sat around for two hours while they peered at my eyes and turned lights on and off. Finally they let me go on the promise I would go to an actual eye doctor in the morning, which I did, dutifully, driving slowly and wearing Matt's glasses. I came away with drops and admonishments to keep my contacts out. All that to say that I have been groping my way blindly through the week alternating between my old glasses which are not helpful, and Matt's glasses which aren't either. Finally my eyes are well enough to today to go for a new prescription of glasses and then tomorrow morning I go back to the eye doctor for the all clear to put my contacts back in.

Its been a ridiculous week. E missed two days of school and then had a snow day. I've been wandering around trying to clean up but having to stop and hold the sick baby who feels hurt and put upon by this horrible cold. I haven't been able to even look at the computer without getting a headache.

BUT, I did manage to watch some election returns from the Potomac Primary AND make some seriously beautiful pork chops last night (breaded and seared and then baked) and my own invented frittata (thinly sliced sweet potato, tomoato, spinich, cheese, 5 egges, cream, 400 degrees for 30 minutes), and Nigella's molton individual chocolate cakes. Happy Valentine's Day.

So now I'm going to go get that prescription and then break out the Valentine's Day chocolate with my kiddos and pretend the house is clean.


TLF+ said...

Congrats on the pork chops. So easy to dry them out and have a cardboard dinner.

I will pray for y'all to get well. Our older son has some crud, along with several hundred other kids at his high school. 'Tis the season.

BTW I have a great recipe for "Cuban Pork Chops" (garlic & fresh lime juice, just for a hint). If you're interested, I can post it. My family's favorite.

Joyce Carlons said...

Oh my!
I wondered why all was quiet on your side of the ocean. But since all was extremely busy on my side (Hungarian and British houseguests of the most eccentric variety buying large carved objects like Congolese doors and whatnot to store all over my house), I didn't get time to inquire after the details of your silence.
But -- in one short week you'll have me around to clean house for a couple of days!! Won't that be nice.

Anne Kennedy said...

tlf+ I'd love a recipe for Cuban Pork Chops. Sounds delicious.

TLF+ said...

OK, here's that recipe (only a week late)
Cuban Pork Chops

Start with four thick cut (at least 1") chops. Pat them dry and salt them well. You will also need the juice of 2 fresh limes, four large cloves of garlic (sliced thin), and pepper and ground cummin (to taste, at the end).

In a large enough skillet, heat 1.5 tb. olive oil. Med. to med-high heat througout, dependeing upon your burners.

Place the pork chops on their fat side (yes, they will be standing up instead of lying down) for 2 min.

Place them flat for 2 min.

Turn them over for 1 min.

Sprinkle the garlic all around (not over) the chops and cook for 15 seconds

Add most of the lime/water solution (hold maybe 1/4 cp. back)

Cook for about 8 mins. on each side. You can cut the chops along the way (they won't get as dark on the outside so you need to see that they are cooked through). If the lime/water cooks off, add some of the reserve.

When serving, sprinkle w/ black pepper and ground cummin to taste.

Recommended sides: White rice, black beans and a vinegar (no mayo) based cole slaw...but a simple green salad will do.

TLF+ said...

Oops...forgot to mention that the juice of the 2 limes should be mixed w/ water until you have about 2 cps. total liquid.