Friday, February 01, 2008

Providence and Plans

After carefully filling R's bottle with skim milk and heavy cream (so he would drink it), a wonderful and unsuspecting friend drove up to see if we were ok and needed anything. Yes! Yes! Yes please! Milk! 'No problem' he said, 'I'm not from Texas. I can handle any weather'. He's actually been driving all over town in this muck. But its good that people like me stay off the roads, to make it safer for the people like him.

So now we have a whole glorious gallon of whole milk in the fridge. And I'm thawing turkey spaghetti sauce for supper. And we're drinking tea (with as much milk as we like) and eating the Cinnamon Raisin Bread that I made yesterday. And E is reading real words out of a real book (thank the Lord Almighty). 'The pig sat in the mud.' And we're all talking.

Me: R is going to be the family comedian. Look at him. His laugh is fake. And he's being sarcastic.
E: Yeah. It's really funny.
A: I want to be the family communion.
Me: Really? The family communion? I thought you were the family artist.
E: No, I'm the family artist.
Me: No, you're the family organizer and dancer.
E: Oh yeah. I dance, and organize.
R: NO. No. No. No. Daaaadyyyyy.

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