Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tired and probably sick

Last year it occurs to me that Matt was sick also. It was probably an exact copy of today (or a foretaste, if you wish). Today I drug my dizzy and heavy and achy body out of bed and stuffed money in E's school bag so she could buy lunch and then lugged the baby to church in time to print the readings, cram the Ash Wednesday service into my head and throw together some thoughts about ashes and lent. But not enough time to remember to put the ashes out on the altar. My EM and I started the service promptly at 7 but had to have a nice long pause in the middle while we cast about for the ash, giving everyone ample opportunity to continue to confess their sins.

Then I scrounged around in the church kitchen and found an old frozen english muffin and a horrible packet of flavored instant oatmeal which I managed to get down with several cups of tea.

Then back up to church for morning prayer (rite one, for lent) and then coffee with a new church member, then getting more glass up off the office floor from the break in, and endless phone call returns, and then home for a bowl of cereal, and then visits to shut ins. And then back to church for the evening service, only I sat in the rocking chair while Matt ran around looking for the ashes. He's starting to feel better (thank the Lord in heaven and all the saints above) so it makes sense that I would be crashing into the ground. My headaches, so I'm going to post this, and close it, and go to bed and take up any potential discipline for lent tomorrow, because today I think I've done enough.

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Kerry - A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

Funny, we are starting out Lent sick here, too. Both hubby and I are down with the flu. I felt guilty about not being more on top of my lenten disciplines today...but like you said, I think I've done enough.

Hope you are better soon and that the kids stay healthy.