Thursday, February 28, 2008


I’m getting set to pack all the kids off to the doctor to be diagnosed with pink eye. So infuriating. I’m stripping beds and washing everything and compulsively washing my hands. But there is probably no way I’m going to avoid it.

But the main reason I’ve left off blogging all these days is that my parents are here and there’s been lots to do.

Monday I took the train into NYC and then the subway and the airtrain to jfk to meet my parents. I was impressed that I still am able to navigate around the world. We drove out of the city in a rent car with a fancy and bossy GPS system. But it was very helpful to be told, after having made a mistake, how to fix it.

Tuesday the snow started to fall mid morning, and kept falling all day. Thick, heavy, wet snow that packed down easily into ice. The schools all let out at noon.

Wednesday I ran to the hospital to pray for someone before surgery, and then zipped back in time to feed the baby, leaving my poor mother to stand with E in the freezing cold waiting for the bus after an hour delay. And, of course, the bus was late. And then a noon Eucharist and a dash over to a preschool that has had an opening and has accepted A, at this late date to be in the program (so exciting—was feeling anxious about whether or not it was the right thing but as we got ready to leave from visiting he came unglued, having been under the impression he was going to get to learn something right then, ‘I want to learn! I want to learn!’ were his exact words.)

So now we’re all off to the doctor about pink eye. Tomorrow my parents go on to the next stop (boo), and we’ll all be so sad.

In between dashes I am grieving the death of William F Buckley and reading all over online about his life and all he did. I’ve been reading National Review religiously since Seminary and am a compulsive reader of NRO. A very sad day.


Judith L said...

I will never forget my round(s) with pink eye that I contracted when my son went to a pre-school--a very nice, upmarket pre-school--that suffered endless cases of pink eye. Get meds asap. The pain of raging pink eye is awful.

Anonymous said...

Huzzah Anne! Sorry I missed your parents... Hope things are going well.