Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Laid Plans

So we came home from Vestry last night and I gagged down my enormous flax seed oil pill (works great for nursing, highly recommend it), and went to bed and lay there coughing for like 20 minutes while Matt glared at me in his sleep, and then threw up. Thought it was from coughing, but I see this morning that I have aquired the horrible throwing up bug that is going around. So now I'm staggering around the house cloroxing everything I can think of and washing stuff. I bet you all 10 cents that by the end of the day everyone will be throwing up.

Of course, today I'd intended to take the kids to the Library, and make bread, and seriously clean my spare room, and go buy a plumbing snake from Lowes and try to figure out how to plumb/snake the tub myself. Hmmm. So, I don't think I'll make bread, because that would be stupid. And probably the library is out. And serious cleaning is probably not going to happen. On the upside, I'm sure it will be an interesting and surprising day. Onwards and Upwards!

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matthew john said...

for the flax seed oil pills, I recommend popping them and mixing the oil in with applesauce or something. My little sister likes it mixed in with her Cream of Rice with a cut-up banana on top, though I don't know how much that does for the taste...