Saturday, February 02, 2008

To my Mother (really, just a short note to my mother whose email is rejecting me)

Mommy, I just replied to that NEGST email and it wouldn't go through. That's what I've been doing for days, is writing to the NEGST email, and it never goes through. I don't know what else to do. Are you ok? Are you safe?

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Joyce Carlson said...

We're fine. I'm typing this late Saturday nite from the driver's seat of the car, in the faculty parking lot where the wireless connection is really quite good.
Can't get wireless at home as you know.
I got your two notes saying they bounced. They must not have bounced, but are you getting MY notes?
Must try to find an email guru next week and see what else can be done. ME (p.s. we are very fine and I think all is quiet in the vicinity.)