Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Kidding and some Controversy

So when I posted on Thursday I thought all would be well and I would shortly be seeing again. Turns out I'm still in Matt's glasses, still basically unable to see very well, still groping my way through life, still waiting for my eyes to unswell enough to put my contacts back in. And this delightful family cold is continuing its way through all four children. A remains the lone standing unsick child (but I'm sure not for long). So we’re not quite back on track.

Despite all this we're going to pack all of us up and have our Fun Family Day Off Outing be to G's 4 month Well Baby Appointment (won't that be fun). And then we're going to go buy a lot of food because we're out of everything. It should be a real treat, making our way through Wegmans on a National Holiday with 4 children. I'm sure we'll come home refreshed and rejuvenated by the solid family together time we've had.

Sarcasm aside, I'm really hoping to do some serious writing this week. It occurred to me, on Friday as I was driving out to pick up my poor sick E early from school, that this is an interesting time to be Anglican, and also that I'm in an interestingly precarious position.

For one thing, I'm ordained. I'm ordained in a body that is facing a serious theological crisis on this topic (that's my own estimation, I don't see how it can be avoided). Whatever my own feelings about it, the church is going to have to look at WO and deal with it, probably sooner rather than later. And to put it mildly, it’s awkward to be one member causing division in the body. Its not like I can point to other people and say, Oh Look, isn't it awful how they're doing that and causing so many problems. I'm part of the problem (sorry for the cliché).

But I'm also wildly conservative. As it stands now I won't be voting in the upcoming General Election because none of the candidates are conservative enough. And I'm a firm believer in shocking things like NFP and Husbandly Headship, and children being Respectful in All Things.

So on one hand I have the liberals of this world (Hi Liz) thinking, ‘Oh that poor woman. She's in such an existential mess. She should just chuck that brutal male hierarchy and embrace her true priest self and probably go be lesbian’ (I know you're thinking it, deep down, don't deny it-heh). And on the other hand I've got conservatives making snarky comments about the impossibility of Women Clergy. It’s a logical impossibility. It can't be done. And I'm super hypocritical to be conservative on some things and not others. And then there are the three or four people remaining who read this blog for the food and funny things my kids say (actually, I have no idea about how it all shakes out, maybe there are only 4 of you reading period).

All that to say that this is a pretty interesting place to be. And I ought to be writing more, or keeping track of what life is like at this particular moment in time. Someday someone is going to ask me, ‘so, what was it like to be a woman priest in a conservative church with 25 children?’ and if I don’t pay attention now, I won’t have an answer.

So first upcoming thought (maybe even today, but don’t hold your breath because of this wretched shopping), my reaction to this article (HT Jen).


BabyBlue said...

I think we have to remember in these times that it's the Lord that's put together this amazing coalition of orthodox Anglicans and that's there's real diversity in that coalition. At the same time, the way to cause havoc and division would be to exploit that diversity and I am finding that many of those who post so rabid anti-ordination of women tirades are not often members of Common Cause and some are even in fact progressive posers posting to wreak havoc.

Mary, the sister of Martha, sat at Jesus feet at the place of a rabbi's disciple. Our leadership as women - whether ordained or lay - is as servants and disciples of Jesus. It's not about a quest for power, which progressives continue to pursue in their own ideas of women's ordination. But that is not the biblical view of the equality of men and women in leadership, but of mutual submission under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

I thought of you this morning now that it's been a few months since the last Kennedy made her appearance and wondered how you were doing. When you head to Wegmans, don't forget to get something special for yourself, a treat. You deserve one, Anne.


Summer Gross said...

Have you posted your own theological understanding of women's ordination on a different thread? I would love to hear how you teach others. I have only begun to start reading your blog so if you have posted it elsewhere, let me know where.

Anonymous said...

Ah WO, Paul said one thing and yet God called to you. I'm still working that in my head as I prepare for possible ANiC ordination. Make that 5 readers and I added your link at the Occasion Christian h/t to Kake for the site.

Scarlett said...

>>And I'm super hypocritical to be conservative on some things and not others.<<

I don't think that you are being hypocritical at all. After all, a woman who is married is in a relationship sanctified by God where homosexual relationships are not.

Anonymous said...

And you have us four InterVarsity readers, remember?

If I didn't make it obvious enough before, my blog is QPQ, not the whole title written out. That domain belongs to somebody, but I checked this morning, and they're creepy. Haha.


Kerry - A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

And some of your readers like both the theological discussions AND the chatty-chatty about your life and kids. :) That's real womanhood, dontcha think?

I'd really like to hear more about WO and what you see happening as we go forward. Truthfully, I'm not sure where I stand on the issue.

so, how many readers are you up to now do you think? :)

Anonymous said...

Add me to your regular readership. I love the family and cooking stories. I admire you and Matt tremendously. Your blog also reminds us that daily life has to go forward, even in "interesting times." And your sermons are very good.

Miss Sippi

Anne Kennedy said...

Thanks for all the comments. I did post, way back when, a sort of a theological something about WO. Its in my archives which I'm going to try and sort through today and make categories. When I find it I'll consider linking it (:), I think it was pretty lame because I was fairly distracted). It probably behooves me to do it again with more careful writing, but that won't possibly happen until after Easter.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I'm on your list of regular readers too, though I'm always in catch-up mode!

I'd love to read your thoughts on WO too--after Easter!


Geri said...

Add me to your list of regulars. I wish I had had access to your blog when I was rearing my children (many moons ago). It would have helped me with the guilt I suffered every time I did something imperfect. I wanted perfection and just wasn't capable. Still not. Anyway, I enjoy reading about the Kennedy family escapades. I also enjoy the recipes and the occasional homily. I think your blog helps a lot of young mothers. We grandmothers have been there and done that.