Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend In Review but not really

Perhaps some of you saw this Post on Stand Firm and prayed, in which case I thank you all very much. Matt was supposed to land in Syracuse at 9pm Saturday night and be home by 10:30. Instead he called me at 8 something from Cincinnati again, clearly rattled. We listened to the various announcing explanations together, him over the loudspeaker, me on the phone hearing the loudspeaker. And then I sat up wide awake until 11 something when he landed in Syracuse safely and called me again. So we all slept way in on Sunday morning until 6am, probably the first time since being, well, maybe in college? I can't remember.

And then in the evening, as we watched the superbowl (great game, by the way) Matt's throat started to hurt more and more and he started being feverish, burning up all night in fact, and so this morning we packed him in the car and took him to the doctor-a fun family outing. And now I've arranged him as comfortably as possible with lots of pillows and tylenol for the fever, and a computer and mugs and mugs of broth and honey tea trying to make it bearable for him to swallow. And we're IMing because he can't talk.

So I haven't had time to format my sermon to post. But I will. And I haven't had time to write up my fabulous superbowl menu (pita bread, hummus, chicken, guacamole) and put up the picture I managed to snap. And I haven't had time to do much of anything, except thank Jesus over and over that Matt is home safely. But I'll get to it, eventually. Ha.

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matthew john said...

Hey- just dropping by because I know you don't like the fact that I lurk. Might as well give you the address to my blog, though the daily activities and thoughts of a college student are really not all that interesting:

-matt tuttle