Friday, February 22, 2008

Politics Tonight, rather than Theology

I'm sorry to say it, but I'm totally addicted to politics. This whole election season has been a smorgasbord of delights. And its doubly interesting to me because I really don't like any of the candidates. Honestly, I probably won't be able to bring myself to vote for McCain (although, Although! I chiefly didn't like him because his wife was so strange looking. When I finally heard her utter a sentence my opinion was much improved) (And. And! I refuse to be suckered into the cattle mentality to 'rally round McCain' just because of the NYT, I won't do it.) So I feel perfectly free to watch with enjoyment And disdain. Particularly, I find it very interesting that it doesn't matter what actually happens on any given day. It really matters what is Made of what Happens. The spin cycle really works and seems to matter terribly. And voters vote accordingly. Amazing.


Geri said...

Amen,sister. Amen, amen, amen! I probably should say, "Preach it, sister."

Jane R said...

Anne, I'm with you on this. In fact a little before you wrote, I'd posted this by Howard Zinn on a related matter. I know you and I are in very different places politically (very) but I think we meet on this one.

No President is going to "save" us, anyway. See, we agree on who the Saviour is too. :-)

And we may well agree on the importance of citizen action from the grass roots, although we may be involved in different actions.

(By the way, I very much appreciated your monastery/home post. Hadn't had a chance to write you about that.)

Jane R said...

P.S. Don't go thinking the statement about "we gotta save ourselves" from the commenter means Semi-Pelagianism, theologically speaking... She meant the comment to be about our tendency to view presidential candidates as the be-all and end-all politically speaking. They aren't, even with all the power of the presidency. Citizens matter. And if they don't enough, it is part of our work to make them matter.