Friday, February 08, 2008

Yes Indeed

I succumbed to whatever it was that Matt had. I spent all yesterday on the couch listening to R rove over the house tearing things apart. It wasn't actually that bad. He slept for a long time too and spent some time standing next to me staring at me and patting my face. So we coped. Today I can't talk so I'm going to give A some school work and start painting wise and foolish virgins. And fold laundry. And probably take a good long nap in hopes that I'll be over this by the weekend. That's my plan, except that I'm still lying on the couch and probably Matt will come home and muscle me off to the doctor, in which case all my best laid plans will come to nought. Anyway, regular blogging will resume when I can think straight again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Geri said...

I hope life is better by now. I remember how hard it was to take care of little people when I was too sick to lift my head much less them. You are in my prayers.