Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Busy Morning

This morning as I was vaguely waking from a crummy night of trying not to feed the fat baby who doesn't need to eat every two hours through the night any more but appears, from the kind of shouting and crying she indulged in, to think of herself as entitled,  I was startled to see my husband knock the ironing board over, leap through the window onto the roof and shout 'I'm calling the police!'.

And then he lept back through the window and disappeared. I managed to gather up the baby and wander downstairs past the living room full of children eating cinnamon rolls and crumbling them all over the carpet to find the car gone out of the garage and the garage door open. So I walked through the church to check on things and then back out to see that the police had indeed arrived and Matt also was back from a short drive looking for whoever it was.

Turns out three young men...well, that's rather too generous...three boys, one with a large backpack, had gotten into the church early this morning, had time to eat some left over Easter cookies and drink some milk in the kitchen, and then, hearing our Sexton going about his work, instead of sliding the screen in the Ladies' Room open, or going through the door, they tore the screen and climbed out of the window. But we can see Everything from our bedroom window and so, as Elphine has taken to calling them, the Villains were apprehended in the Weis a block away and taken in for doing criminal mischief. Heh heh.

Rather good plot fodder for Sesame Street. The Cookie Villains! or The Cookie Cartel! or Away Vile Cookies Thief! Eat your vegetables! or something.

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Kellie said...

Yeesh. Well, given that we had the break-in at the old church, I guess it ought to make us feel even more at home! Glad everybody's okay.

I vote for Cookie Cartel, myself. The best I can come up with, and this is with a thesaurus to help me, is the Stale-Sweet Scoundrels. Or the Munching Miscreants.