Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Birthday

Romulus turns five today.
I've got to roust myself and go make him 'hot cereal' (Cream of Wheat lathered in cream) for breakfast and then try to pretend to clean the house and make a cake--all white, including frosting.
"What kind of cake do you want?" I asked him yesterday.
"White" he said, vaguely annoyed that I would ask such a stupid question.
"What color frosting do you want?"
"White" (stupid mommy).
He wanted, of course, to receive a Remote Control Voltron and the Five Lions that gave birth to Voltron, but it turns out that Voltron has become an expensive antique, and the Five Lions are as unto gold. Wish I'd acquired some of these precious goods as a child to pad my retirement. Anyway, he's not receiving any Voltron object, poor child, but rather a lot of very reasonably priced and fun toys.
And we fed him sausages last night. So he is very content and happy.
Nobody else is, naturally, it not being their birthday. I, in my usual disorganized way, am half ready for school, half packed, half done getting people to do stuff at church, and feeling half out of my mind that I only have a week to get everything sorted out before we go. I spent half the night awake, a la Simcha Fischer, worrying about the fact that I won't be traveling with a beautiful purse.
Have a lovely day! We'll be partying our hearts out.

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Dr. Alice said...

As a child I always wanted white cake with white frosting and lots of colored nonpareils on top. I wish Romulus a happy birthday.