Sunday, July 10, 2011

In conversation with children

Elphine: You were born in England? Did you see the queen?
Me: No
Elphine: Why not?
Me: I'm not that important.
Elphine: Well, I would just go. I would just go see her. And I would wear this dress, and gloves and a purse.
Me: You can't just go see her. You have to be invited.
Elphine: What do you have to do to be invited?
Alouicious (interrupting): Do people wear pants there?
Me: Yeah, its a normal country, like America.
Ephine: Except there's the queen.
Alouicious: We could go see the Mayor.
Me: His name is Matt.
Alouicious: REALLY. Is Daddy a secret code name for him?
Elphine: Can we go see him?
Me: I guess maybe we could.
Alouicious: Do they know each other?

Overheard later
Elphine: Yeah English, I love English. I wonder why its called English.
Alouicious: Because its shared between lots of different places in the world. Eng, though, as in England."


R said...

Very important that you inform her the English wear pants WITH trousers! ;P If only to avoid unfortunate but highly amusing instances like to the following: a recent arrival announced loudly on the underground while dressed in a shortish skirt that 'Had I known it was going to be this cold, I would've worn pants!' The entire car was riveted.


Joyce Carlson said...

How true--what R says. E and A should spend some time concentrating on dialect differences, trying never to forget that England and the U.S. are probably forever (as we all know with laughter and delight) divided by a sort-of common language.