Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its going to be Perfect

Laundry, so so so much laundry
and actually finishing the office and printing out my paperwork for le governement (it always sounds French in my head, this word)
and cutting down the number of clothes I thought I would take for each child by half
oh yeah! Putting the beautifully amazing new nursery together at church. Its been painted and carpeted, and lovely shelves and hooks put in and new lighting--its Gorgeous! I'll have to take some pictures though it will probably take me weeks to post them. I can't imagine that every baby in Binghamton will not be toddling up to spend a Sunday Morning Hour in this beautiful room. Tell your parents, babies!
And, then, of course,
there is the impending struggle with Elphine about which bag she will take, never mind which bag I will take, and what will go in it. And it looks very much like Gladys is prepared to throw fits about her tiny kitty purse which doesn't fit anything but will have to fit something because you can't just take an empty purse! Which means Marigold will want to take a purse but she can't be expected not to drop it, so there will be some crying about that.
And then we have to carefully choose our shoes, not only which ones to pack, but which ones to carry us through security. Just the mentioned of the word 'shoe' and lips quivered and eyes teared up yesterday.
Anyway, Matt's mom and I have come up with a motto for this grand holiday adventure.
"EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE PERFECT" and if you want to silently add 'blast it', that's ok too.

Actually, now that I'm through my two birthday parties and I have Sunday School 90% sorted for the fall, and I'm 80% done getting ready for school and I've just decided not to cook any more for the rest of the week, I'm really excited. But also, very worried about my garden while I'm gone. Should I just let my herbs go to seed and gather the seeds in and pot them inside when I get back? or pick them all and just eat fresh herbs all weekend until I feel sick? or give them away? And what about the Sunflowers that are finally blooming? Can I just leave them there for a month? And I need someone to come every day and pick the evil beetles off my roses. Ok never mind, I'm completely stressed out.
Have a great day!


MomCO3 said...

The sunflowers will be fine-- if they dry out, the birds will be happy to eat out their middles (the flowers' middles, not the birds') and wqill spill some on the ground for next year. Can't help with the herbs, though. Can you puree some of them with olive oil to freeze in ice cube trays? Hang sprigs of others in your laundry roon to dry?
Safe travels! What about a hello kitty backpack that she can't get off? At least it could hold large doses of medicine for your headache...

Kat said...

If you shove the herbs into bottles of olive oil, you get lovely flavored oil to use later. If you shove them into pretty bottles (or bottles that can be made pretty), you can use them for Christmas gifts when the time comes. Drying is always a good option too.

A tiny kitty purse will at least hold a few pennies. I hate carrying a purse when traveling, and will find one with a long strap that I can put across my body instead. I think I have seen such a thing for small people too. Then it's still a PURSE, but less likely to be dropped.