Thursday, July 21, 2011

Give us this day our daily ham

Romulus hates having to eat anything that isn't made out of sausage, ramen noodles or rice. As you can imagine, he is unhappy a lot of the time because we don't eat sausage that often, although we tell him that almost everything is made out of it, nor ramen noodles, nor rice. We eat a nice array of healthy and unhealthy foods, sometimes including ramen, sometimes including sausage, but not Every Time.

Two days ago I caught Alouicious trying to shove a piece of lemon tart in Romulus' mouth while shouting, "Its made of sausage! Its made of sausage!"

But today, after watching every body eat delicious ham, cheese and lettuce sandwiches, face still covered with the chocolate from his own, he decided to make a bold move and try one himself.

"Mmm" he said, "this is as good as sausage."

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