Monday, July 18, 2011

More Monday Rain

Of what shall I blog? It being almost 10 in the morning and rain clouds rolling slowly in to cover the already gray sky with storm and tempest. Matt is reading through all the endless websites about CJ Mahaney (!!! so weird) to the gentle background noise of children squabbling and biting each other. Well maybe only one of them is biting. I'm trying to decide whether to get up and do something useful, or just ignore reality and do nothing at all.

And there is the rain.

So I guess we won't be toddling into the garden for a nice gentle sit and a read. Blast it all. Did really hope to completely avoid the pile of laundry on the dining room table, and the pile of laundry in the laundry room, and the pile of paper in the office, and the pile of books in the school room, and the pile of garbage in the garage....

Seems I'm developing a writing tick....

Oh! That's what I wanted to remember! Alouicious, during church yesterday, looked fairly concentrated and pious, though wiggly, until he leaned over and first asked, in a loud and gaspy whisper, "Did you like having only one child? When it was just Elphine, did you like that better?" and then a few minutes later, "Why isn't our church on TV?" and then a few moments later, "What day are you going to put batteries in my remote control dinosaur?" and then, "Is a panther bigger than a wild cat?" and so on and so forth.

Each time I desperately grabbed his cheek and whispered, "Please save all these questions for later, please don't shout out loud."

Wow,  its really pouring rain. I know! I'll just sit here at watch it.


Julie said...

Maybe if your family prays mightily and then blows really hard in a southwesterly direction, your rain clouds can reach Texas? Our guv issued a prayer proclamation for rain back in April but it's had no effect.

I don't think God takes politicians seriously. But He does favor devout clergy and children!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet our rain beats your rain! Here in good ole' Nawlins, we had over 7 inches - last night alone. Woke up to massive street flooding. We have had more all day on and off with more coming tonight and tomorrow.

Julie - We don't seem to have the ability to wish it to Texas but if it helps, we are praying for some really liquid clouds to head to Texas. (except for when the Kennedy's are vacationing there, of course) - Jackie

Sibyl said...

I remember when C.J. Mahaney and Larry Thomczak were young pups just beginning their ministries. We came to Christ in the 70s, at the end of the Charismatic and Shepherding Movements. We learned a lot about healing, but needed lots more. Long time passing.

Hope these now older and hopefully wiser men weather their storms with integrity and humility.

Julie said...

Wow, rain is feast or famine, eh? Seven inches of precip. must be devastating in NOLA. I hope there is no lasting or widespread damage!

We had a 5-minute stray shower Saturday that did no real good but at least cooled us out of the 100s briefly. I've discovered that rain falling on incredibly parched earth releases a cinammony scent.

Thank you for your prayers, Jackie. This drought and heat are epic. We've already had 40 100+ degree days so far this summer and are poised to break the all-time record on Friday. What's sad is the days that haven't hit 100 since May got to the high 90s.

I think that after a few days of this, the Kennedys might be ready for some rain, and I doubt they'd resent our joy and relief if it did!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Re: Alouicious comment about, "Did you like having only one child?": Have you seen this article in the NY Times: . Curious as to your response.

Anne Kennedy said...

Hi Liz,
The catholic blogosphere seems minorly lit up about that article. They, as one might expect, seem to have a lot more energy about it than I do. I have only two thoughts.
1. The floor in the picture is Beautiful! What is it and where can I get it? and
2. Obviously I would have to read the book which I don't feel like doing, but just from the article, it seems like they had a lot more problems than NFP, even though that's what they're blaming. Why not just stop doing that, if your marriage is in trouble? Why go to the extreme of divorce? And why rethink your faith? Really, you do that if there are big huge multitudinous problems, not just because of NFP. In other words, as a pastor, I don't really believe them. But I would have to read the book, which doesn't sound funny, so I probably am not going to do it. :)
Srsly and more importantly, how great is that floor!