Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes--All my advice edition

We're trying to ramp up the manners before we leave. I made a long speech yesterday about not interrupting, especially to tattle. Then I asked if anyone could say back to me what I had just said. Gladys repeated it pretty well and then touched Elphine gently on the arm, looked soulfully into her eyes and said, "Can you say a word, Elphine?"
Surprisingly have moved Marigold out of her crib. Found she was picking at the mattress, which will not do because the baby has to move in there, and so in a fit took the mattress out, bunged a toddler bed mattress on the floor in the closet (because somehow when we moved we only came away with parts of toddler beds but not a whole one) and plunked her down for a nap. Amazingly, she slept without a peep and continues to--naps, bedtime, everything. All the struggling of having her climb out of the crib over and over and over every night is gone in one bright moment. So weird though, because now she can just stand up and walk away, but she doesn't, at least not yet.
Been reading someone's blog about endless horrendous evening and bedtime routines that always devolve into tears and tantrums. Thought to myself, "Wow, I so don't have time for that." Not sure how we've avoided it though, other than insisting on cheerful complete obedience and then not really catering to everybody's tiny bedtime extending wish. You can get a drink of water but you better run fast before I get you, and you can go get your bear if you forgot it but you have exactly three seconds and I'm timing you. It sounds mean, maybe it is, but if bedtime isn't militaristicly enforced so that I have exactly 30 minutes of complete silence before I go to sleep, I will loose my mind, and that would be bad for everyone.
I stupidly got it in to my mind to wash everybodys sheets and blankets before we go. When I use the word 'stupid' I mean mind blowingly, win a Darwin award stupid. Because I don't really have time for this and its taking me the whole week and so everybody, except the babies, are sleeping on the floor in the sunroom. Lied and told them it was a special treat because I'm such a great mom.
Romulus got a glowing turtle thing that projects stars on the ceiling at night for his birthday. You can change the color from purple/blue to green to golden. Its so beautiful. The little pamphlet says that all the constellations are there. I haven't looked carefully to see, but if its true, its going to save me a world of hurt trying to take them outside  in the dead of winter when I planned to have a little astronomy going on for science.
In that same vein, now that my oldest child is nine, I realize all the guilt about not doing crafts and outings was a big gigantic waste of time. There's no reason to do anything reasonable and fun with children until they can carry on a semi intelligent conversation and get out and put away all the wretched craft stuff themselves. Until then, its crayons and tape all the way. And an outing once a year to the aquarium is just fine. Wish someone had mentioned this to me when my oldest child was four and I was covered in guilt and shame for not being totally awesome.
Alright, back to the laundry. I'm actually half packed. There might actually be time to deal with all those lovely herbs. Have a lovely weekend and go check out Jen!

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