Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes--Travel Anxiety

Is this true? Southwest Airlines allows you to take luggage on the plane for free? I'm stunned. And a car seat or stroller extra? Has anyone told them what all the other airlines are doing? DON'T though, before I travel.
Even with luggage, I'm nervous about flying with all these kids. I mean, I did fly home from California gravely pregnant with four kids by myself. So, with two of us, and the lung capacity to do a fast sprint down the length of a terminal, we should be fine, right?
Really, what it comes down to, is that I've spent the Entire Course of my life trying not to draw attention to myself when traveling. And I've gotten to be very good at it. And here I am, about to just willingly chuck that out the window, all because I'm that desperate for a proper holiday.
Its just that, as I sit here gazing out at the heat rising up in great waves, (I'm not speaking for Matt, maybe he has thought this all the way through) I didn't premeditate having six children in ten years. So, I don't feel like I've quite caught up. So that's definitly something I should work on before flying.
Just like I didn't plan on having three sets of dishes. I'm grateful for them all. I love them. I don't know how to properly store them. Not that I'm storing my children. They all fit just fine.
Or maybe its like being saved from sin. Its not something you make plans for. God just does it out of his great mercy, and then you can just sit back and be ever so grateful.
Just like I'll be when we're there safe and sound, sitting back in a beautiful garden, drinking something more lovely than we ever imagine or deserve. As my psychopathology professor used to drawl, "Its goonnnaaaa bee okaaaay. You're gooonnnaaaaa beeee okaaaaay."

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Julie said...

Pack lots of sunblock -- and plenty of hats for the little ones. The heat and sun here are especially fierce this summer, particularly on delicate skin not accustommed to it!

You are a brave woman!!! I've been resisting the urge to drive over to DFW and buy a plane ticket for anywhere-but-here-that's-even-remotely-cooler. I'd really like to be in England right now, sipping Pimms or elderflower cordial in my friends' lovely garden.

Joyce Carlson said...

How come you're not coming to visit me in Kenya? It's cold here. Even with several cats and a hot water bottle on my feet at night, I'm not warm. Might you be cooler in Texas than in NY right now?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you have a ministry which includes acquainting the public with the 'spectacle' of a large family. I put it in quotes since I don't consider a large family anything to be dismayed at, though it can arouse spectators. So just enjoy it to the extent possible, like when offered genuine compliments or assistance, and leave the rest to God. He saves us, but he doesn't seem to consult us about what he saves us for - that just develops. God knows, America needs to be re-acquainted with the concept of a large family.