Monday, July 02, 2007

the weather's cooling off, I might be able to blog...

The weather is cooler and I am gradually emerging from my funk. Today was downright chilly. I pulled a blanket over my expanding girth for my mid afternoon nap. I am so grateful even for just one day of cool, but it looks like tomorrow and the next day will be rain. So I praise and thank, as it were, the Lord.

And the cool is giving me a chance to think and reflect.
One such reflection is about Emma's recent adventures in dancing, which you can read about here.

Other things are mulling around in my head and hopefully will formulate themselves into posts as the hours, more likely days, go by.
For one thing, I am, in a vague way, trying to put words to answer Susan's questions about the Eucharist (technicality: don't know why all the comments don't show up unless you click on the full post, hmmm). For another, I've been thinking about terrorism and Islam, and this ridiculous Episcopal priest who appears to be confused about a number of things, the creed being one of them. And for another, I've been directing my thoughts back to the Atrium, and the spiritual life of the child, and what draws and sustains a child's relationship with God. I was giving a brief tour of my atrium this weekend and was asked, 'You light candles? In here?' and it hit me like a brick that yes, we do. We light loads of candles, and put them out and light them again. So, I am thinking about all these things, and wondering in a vague way where some paper or other I wrote in college is. It occurs to me that it was very badly written, and that the professor must have been a real drip to give me an A, which she did, and that I ought to go back and work it over and fix it. Just because. But instead of doing that, I will fold laundry, because if I don't do it now, before I go to sleep, all will be lost. ALL.


The young fogey said...

Glad you are feeling better thanks to the nicer weather.

I wasn't sure whether to comment here or under the entry from November.

And I maintain vigorously that if you insist on being Anglo-Catholic, you have no business being pro WO—in the parousia, your head will explode from the theological inconsistency.

LOL, brilliant!

It shows how little I knew of Evangelical Anglicans that until I saw the gargantuan comment thread at Stand Firm under the recent entry about WO I had no idea there was a theology among them of limited WO!

I can see it being attacked as a kind of second-class priesthood and, though perhaps intended as a good via media approach, offending more people than the Catholic positions (either it's impossible or the larger Catholic world doesn't do it so no), which though they offend are consistent.

While I agree that limited WO doesn't make sense (one is not provisionally or conditionally a priest; one is either a priest in æternum or not) it gets my respect this way: unlike the liberals you actually care what the larger church has to say and are trying to respect that even if you don't agree.

As you probably know headship isn't a big part of the argument about Catholics not ordaining women. It doesn't figure into my thinking but the Stand Firm thread confronted me with it over and over so I came to the conclusion that... headship is good! After all it's biblical. It doesn't mean, as many liberal and secular people think, being domineering or physically abusive! ('Husbands, love your wives...') Think about it - strong women are wonderful and made that way by God but even the strongest and most independent woman, if she's healthy, in a relationship wants a strong man she can fall back on to take care of her and their kids if she needs it. Un-PC common sense! Reminds me of what C.S. Lewis wrote: if you look at a household where the wife is in charge she's not happy and in fact hates and resents her husband.

Modern women usually don't admit it but this headship - again, not tyranny or other abuse - is what they're really looking for.

Score one for the Bible and the Revds Kennedy!

And Dr Redding and her bishop are being ridiculous. (How can one have at least a master's degree in theology, and train for the ministry, and seem to know that little about Christianity or Islam for that matter?) I was happy to see that even among the Broad Churchmen/liberals next to nobody online defends what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anne+

Thank God for the cooler weather. Glad you're feeling better. :)


priscilla said...

Your blog makes me giggle...another female priest mother loaded down with laundry and driven by the importance of Orthodox theology. Summertime growing bellies do necessitate naps...

I'm stealing a few moments from the laundry to read blogs, keep up with the news...

So, I was wondering how this headship thing works in your family. I grew up in an evangelical church where everyone talked about it but no one knew how or what it really meant.

I love John Eldredge's book "Captivating" in which he and his wife Staci talk about women who are either dominating or hiding and the need to be healed from both and become someone who invites toward beauty.

Do you mind blogging about how it really works in your family?