Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't mess with me, I'm pregnant and its hot

I know I promised to write about more interesting things-like feminism and Women's Ordination, or anything this week. I shouldn't make promises. But instead of doing that I have seriously cleaned my house. Monday, Matt and I completely took apart the play room. We put three bags of toys in the attic (I don't have the energy to actually get rid of stuff, some day I'll have a garage sale) and took down the big ugly shelves and now we have a wide open completely blank empty room. Which meant that Tuesday, Wednesday and today I have redistributed the remaining toys and books into the children's rooms and into various cupboards. Anything that didn't have a proper place got put in the attic. I had intended to take pictures of all the rooms just to prove to you the actual level of cleanliness, but my camera is being picky, so you will just have to believe me that I'm telling the truth. Everything is clean and in order and I'm completely completely wiped out. Its been blazingly hot and all the cleaning and heat has put me in a foul and sinful mood. I have sinned against everyone I can think of, most of all my children and cats, who have wanted to come near and touch me in this ghastly heat (Aedan, of all things, is wearing a sweatshirt and sweat pants and socks to bed) and have been rebuffed in a deeply unchristian manner. I will repent of my sins in the morning, and trust God's mercy to carry me through until then. I'm in too bad of a mood to do it tonight. So, its 9:30, I'm going to get a large bowl of ice cream and I'm going to eat it in bed. And if anyone wants to argue with me about it, well, just try. I will try and get back to other more interesting things tomorrow.


Joyce Carlson said...

I'm not bothering you. Not arguing. Nothing.
xoxoxo ME

Geri said...

You are right--it is hard to be pregnant in June. Been there, done that twice. Hope you enjoyed the ice cream. Don't worry about the kids or the cats; they will survive. They all know that you love them.