Monday, July 09, 2007

For some reason, Blogger is not allowing me to put titles on Anything. I was wanting to post a big THANK YOU at the top of this, to all of you have commented on here and Stand Firm over the night, for all the prayers and kind words of support. In such situations as these, one doesn't particularly know how to respond, or even If one should do so, and I am very appreciative of the couple of admonitions to let unkind words lie on the ground, rather than to take them up. On the other hand, Ms. Kaeton speaks, in her post, about a variety of subjects that are important to me, and about which I have given much thought.

So, I thought, since I had been planning to have a whole day blogging anyway, that I would post on some of these issues and topics, and at the same time lift Ms. Kaeton up in prayer to God. And I would, also, like to pray for her grand daughter, who has, at such a young age, recognized one of the greatest riches of life-the great abundant rich gift of children.

So stayed tuned.


Anonymous said...

I also am on the other side of the "alleged culture war". I read all the posts and commentary last night and could only lay awake last night feeling sickened.

I am so sorry.

In her grand-daughter's comment about only wanting to be a mommy, I thought of the Good Shepherd parable. I’m not sure why but somehow it seemed connected. (I’m a catechist in a Level II atrium).

I am disgusted by the ugliness of the partisan politics in our denomination. Last week my congregation was featured in a CNN piece. The irony was the other congregation - the more conservative one – was doing their first CGS Eucharist Retreat shortly before or perhaps during the filming. We had been working closely with their catechists, offering ideas, music and liturgy through e-mails and phone calls right up until their retreat started. CNN tried to make it seem as if the two congregations were warring camps. On some level I suppose it’s true, but not among the catechists. If your congregation was in the same town as ours, we would do the same.

Prayers with you and your family.


trog said...

Anne—I am sorry that someone formed words into a nail and tried to pierce you. May the Word uphold, strengthen, and protect you and your family.

Judith L said...

Dear Anne,

I am a frequent visitor to your blog and an occasional commenter. Although I am a grandmother and my childbearing, childrearing years are a fading memory, I find your blog an inspiration. Like many—perhaps most—of my generation, I was persuaded by the feminist cause for a long enough time, that I did significant damage to both my parenting and my marriage. When I woke up to the mess I had created, turning my way of life around, reordering my priorities, was like trying to turn the Queen Mary with a rowboat.

How typical of the work of the enemy of our souls to create a culture that calls death, life. The pursuit of the feminist agenda, with its negativity toward large families and glorification of legalized butchery of innocents, is literally threatening the future of Western Civilization. If more couples do no make the choices you and Matt are making, the very sorts of people who are now free to slander you will be silenced permanently.

God bless your work and you family.