Monday, July 09, 2007

So I've been gazing back over my various posts from the last few weeks and the comments under each one, as well as the drama from last night and today, and I think there are three main issues that I would like to address.

1. Feminism and Men
2. Feminism and Children
3. Feminism and the Church

I don't propose to write long essays on these three points, and I don't think I have the linear wherewithal to deal with them one by one, but it might help to order my thinking, and perhaps yours, on the current crisis in which we find ourselves.

For example, when I stand next to Matt at the altar and turn the pages over for him as he prays the Eucharistic Prayer, or when I stand and pray the prayer and he rocks back and forth as if he has been rocking a baby all night, and mouths the prayer along with me, I think there are a variety of things going on.

For one thing, Christ is being made present as we raise our hands together in supplication. For another, Matt and I are unified again in our calling and purpose together as ministers of the Gospel. The unity that we experience and model on the altar would not be possible if either of us were arguing all the time about who gets to be in charge.

Break to get all the children Popsicles.

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