Sunday, July 22, 2007

odds and ends

Just wanted Again, to say a huge thank you to all of you who are continuing to comment. I figured out how to have comments directly to my email, and so I've been able to read what you all have been saying, even though I've been too wildy busy to really get on and blog.

Yesterday Matt married a young couple who, though very much taken with each other, were not particularly organized. Heh. I ended up stuffing myself into my black cassock (couldn't quite button it) and waddling back and forth between the Narthex with the bridesmaids, and the library where the groom men were trying to pull it together (whoever knew how complicated it could be to sort out a boutonniere). Anyway, after launching the bride down the aisle I went back to the office and kept hammering out bulletins and inserts and other mundane details. Very nice people periodically brought me large plates of food from the reception downstairs, so I ended up waddling home as well, at about 8pm.

So, I've now ironed various clothes, and am going to lay my hands on some Salt, some Tracing Paper, and some Seeds, for Sunday School. VERY excited about our lesson for this morning--everyone is going to get a little candle holder to paint, and a candle, and a little tiny jar in which to pour salt. I'm working busily on my own box, and as soon as I have a working camera, you will find a long photographed post with all the things we've done.

And finally, one clarification. Matt, after reading my last post, thought I meant, by 'samosas' something alcoholic.
'Why are we going to be drinking in the car?' he asked.
'What?' I said.
'Samosas', he said, 'orange juice and whiskey (or something, can't remember what exactly he said)'.
'What!', We're not taking whiskey in the car.'
Anyway, he wanted me to clarify, that by 'samosa', I mean little Indian pastries filled with potato and spices. This just shows how really I ought to have applied myself better to spelling.

Have a Good Sunday of Worship. Blessings!


R said...

Haha! I love the exchange. I had no idea there was a drink with a similar name... 0.o
I hope you have a brilliant vacation, and when you return I'll ring and let you know what I've been up to in Manchester (pretty amazing stuff). Love to all!


Polly said...

I'm glad you're back, Anne! I have just re-entered civilization (defined by whether or not there is Internet available) and caught up on your entries. Have a lovely vacation. I'm in Honduras, so your blog says things like "Publicar un comentario en" and "Elear una identidad" on it. I can only hope I am choosing the right options to post a comment.

Anonymous said...

Actaully, Matt was probably thinking of "mimosa" ... a happy combination of champagne and orange juice ... delightful at brunch ... not so much for a road trip!


Joyce Carlson said...

Toujours en Bretagne, pour le moment nous on boit du cidre comme les Bretons. Et on mange des galettes. Demain je vais t'envoyer quelques cartes postales.
x0x0x00x MOI

eulogos said...

I think you spelled it just right, Anne. I certainly knew exactly what food you meant. On the other hand, I had never heard of "mimosas." I think the association must be a remnant from Matt's misspent youth....(to which he often refers in his sermons, for readers who might think I am spilling the beans).
Susan Peterson