Monday, July 09, 2007

Having said I was going to blog all day, I'm actually going to step back and not post anything for a while until I've had time to think and pray, both for myself and for Ms. Kaeton. I have half a post written about feminism, and some other bits I was working on, but its all going on the back shelf until things have cooled down. Thank you all for your prayers and comments and kind words. This is a very bizarre way to spend a regular Monday off.


Sandra said...

Anne, I am praying for you too. I remember riding back to Holiday Inn with you, Matt, & Greg after the bloggers dinner in Charleston. It was such a joy to see such young people as the three of you, so alive and committed. I know you will have the right response. In the peace of Christ.
Sandra Keeney

Ann said...

Not sure you have seen Elizabeth's latest post about all this - you can read it here. Sorry that the former post is still in cyberspace - hope you can see it taken down from Stand Firm if you wish. Prayers for for centeredness for you. Keep on posting your truth - even though some of it is not what I would always agree with. Your sermons are excellent. I wonder if you get to preside at the Eucharist as that is my greatest joy as a priest.

Andy said...

Anne... Praying for your refreshment in God's Grace, Mercy & Peace.
BTW.. I met +Dave Bena a few weeks back and he spoke very highly of you and your husband.
Pax Deus

Anonymous said...

Saw the 'apology', reflected that some folk simply shouldn't be allowed to apologise.

Blessing, health and protection from our chaotic household to yours :-)


Your grateful host said...

Good on ya, Anne. And Matt- Looks like y'all are ably matched. This whole Dom Kaeton thing is really a stage in the Battle, as the enemy's fury neglects his sheep-hide. Better for warning the sheep, and sharpening our own reflexes for the battle at hand. God is good, and, by His grace, we win!

in Jesus,

Robert Easter

Catholic Mom said...

I usually make the rounds of the Roman Catholic blogs but found my way to your site via Chris Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal. Please know that you are in my prayers. As a Roman Catholic, mother of four, and a physician, I have fended off my share of criticisms from my colleagues for compromising my medical career to follow my faith when it comes to both personal and professional matters. I know the terrible sting of such criticism. May you find solace and strength in your faith. God Bless.

MaxedOutMama said...

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that this came your way. I read several months worth of your blog as a result, and I really enjoyed it.

You obviously have a great marriage and a loving family. Both my parents are dead now, but some of this reminded me vividly of my childhood, and it brought back so many good memories!! I laughed out loud at the entry about the Mother's Day cake!!!

I'll be back to bask in the warmth of your family. I'm sorry this is the way I found your blog, but happy to have found it. I absolutely loved your sermon about Peter. Obviously that came from the heart, or you could not be as composed under this kind of attack as you are. It's all nonsense. I'm sure you know that.

Much happiness to all of you, and I'll pray that you all continue to rest in the peace of God that passeth understanding.

Dale said...

After reading about this at Chris Johnson's blog and having a moment to think about it, I am reminded of the King's detonation at the slaughter of the boys in the baggage train at Agincourt in Shakespeare's Henry V:

"I was not angry since I came to France until this instant!"

I'd quote the rest of the speech, but I'll spare everyone that.

Permit this Catholic father of five (three born, one entrusted to God's mercy and the other due in December) add his admiration for your graciousness.

Know also that I am praying for your husband, who was also savagely attacked by Ms. Kaeton's screed. Were I in his position, I'd be well past furious.

You, your husband and your marvellous family are in your prayers.

Dale said...

Er, in my prayers.

Oops. Sign of a need for a caffeine refill, I think.

Robert said...

Anne, St. Paul wrote something about people being "willingly ignorant." A lot from that chapter fits here. You live the Truth (or the Truth live through you!), and you speak and teach the truth. We all pray the Truth will be revealed to them, but some will still be like the comfortably religious folks at Lazarus' tomb who heard the Father speak from the heavens and called it thunder."

If folks want to be ignorant against the Truth, it's their own ignorance they're parading, and their own willingness to live in that darkness. Pray for them, sure, but don't let such deter you from being the beacon God has called you to be, knowing that such trials serve to mark you as Christ's own!