Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Rowan!

That's right. He's a whole One today, and more of a baby than ever. He says a total of 6 words: mama, daddy, aedan, cookie, gentle and down. Cookie, as you can imagine, is the most easily distinguished, along with 'Aedan'. He's not walking yet, as I mentioned before, but he is enjoying this long car ride pretty well. He sits between Emma and Aedan, hunched down like King Saul, and when he is very angry we turn music on very loud and he sits, subdued and angry, but throwing javelins.

So, in honor of Rowan, we will drive to Nashville and spend the afternoon and evening. Then tomorrow we will go on to Little Rock, and the next day to Dallas.

We've made up special charts by which the kiddos can earn stars for a prize. They get stars for Noticing Things, Asking Interesting Questions, Being Helpful to Baby and a number of other things. So far the incentive for stars is keeping the dreaded, 'are we there yet?' and 'when we will we get there?' at bay.

Two other minor thoughts. One, there are far too many trucks on the road. I say this with all admiration and respect for people who take on the task of trucking. I know they drive impossible hours, in difficult weather and conditions, are away from their families too much, and don't make enough money. All of which to say, there ought to be a way to do something that would allow the economy to continue growing, provide the requisite number of jobs, and make it safer for small cars on the highway. Perhaps by the end of the day I will have thought of something.

And two, though the Anglican Communion unravel before our very eyes, yet Christianity has not. After madly reading the various news on Stand Firm and listening to Matt's thoughts on the issues, discouraging though it all is, I am convinced, in the long run, that it is not ultimately all won or lost by the various leaders around the world. Really the next battle front is in the faith of our children, and whether we pass it on and under gird it and give it substance. Because that's really the problem, isn't it? The American Church has lost a whole generation of Christians and continues to flounder. So, even as we plan consider the real nature of Anglicanism, the questions coming from the back seat of the car are just as, if not more important.


APBIDDLE said...

They are too young, but in a few years, should you pass by my fair city again, by all means take them to the Cumberland Science Center:

You will drive right by it. It is one of those wonderful "Please DO touch" places which kids (and adults) love.

The Nashville Zoo is also good for youngsters:

Enjoy your visit, and have a safe trip.


Micah said...

well, at least rowan can throw things if he can't walk...