Friday, September 02, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Home Again Home Again....

So I thought I would be really selfless and hold the baby all night to keep her from crying since I'm not feeding her at 3 am any more and she's really mad about it and Matt really Needed to sleep because of having to teach Bible study this morning (right now as I'm writing this in fact). So I held her all night but she cried all night anyway and so I got up at 4am and started reading the internet and here I still am...........
Which probably means I won't be spending a solid day unpacking and getting everything in order to start school on Tuesday but instead will wander around the house in a big sweater without brushing my teeth or being able to focus on anything except the potato chip crumbs that are slowly being ground into the carpet which will cause me to despair and think that I'm a bad person. You're welcome sweetie!
But I am REALLY happy to be home even though its so chilly up here I already miss the hot dry air of Texas. The kids fell in with hysterical relief to playing with their toys. After three hours of playing with his knights yesterday, when I told him it was time to go to bed, Romulus wailed, "But I didn't get to play at all!!!"
And I'm really grateful that the day of travel home went so smoothly. So far away from being hassled at check in and security, everyone was unfailingly cheerful and kind. As the kids went through the metal detector a TSA agent handed them special TSA badge stickers and asked them how old they were and stuff. And later, as I walked onto the last plane, bringing up the line, as it were, holding the baby and several large bags, the flight attendant, who had been audibly counting "one, two, three, wow, four, five, woow, six" said, "You look amazing!" instead of "You have your hands full!" I almost gave her a hug but I'm not really that kind of person so I just send 'Thank You' in an intensely meaningful sort of way.
But I still hold to my original thought that a week camping without electricity or running water is easier than one day of flying. No contest. I don't even like electricity that much, except for its provision to me of the internet.
The wretched black miracle cat spooked again while we were gone and has taken up residence in the basement. I know I'm really tired, but the strong anger I feel towards him right now has nothing to do with that. He's just stupid. He should come up here and let me pet him instead of sitting in a hole being impoverished. Honestly, the spiritual applications with this cat just write themselves.
And now, I'm going to lie down on the floor and pretend to go to sleep until the children come downstairs and hurt my feelings by actually waking me up.


Anonymous said...

This cat seems very Episcopalian in attitude. Have you possibly offended it by not being tolerant enought? Jackie

Kat said...

We just returned from 2 days of camping without water or electricity and the afternoon we set up the tent, it was a blistering 99ยบ (obviously you'd have been in heaven. We were hot.), and even without children, it was considerably easier than one day of flying.

Maybe the cat likes being alone, and is hiding from the return of the hoard of loud children? If it were you alone, he might come to be petted. I have a cat who'd live in the basement if he had one (instead he spends his time under the couch)- he runs from everyone other than me.