Friday, September 09, 2011

7 Quick Takes--Flood Edition

It looks like over 20,000 have been evacuated as a result of the flood. The pictures are just amazing.
Pray for people who have lost everything again after loosing everything a mere five years ago. Pray for people's pets and chickens. In usual American fashion, I spent my midnight hours worrying about the animals, which is fine, but so western.
I do really need to go face my own basement today. It looks like I have piles and piles of wet clothes to wash, and four or five boxes that I thought were water proof but which actually had cracks in them, blast it.
We read a little bit from Jonah last night and I pointed out that one way the disciples should have known Jesus was God was because even the weather obeyed him, just like here, in Jonah, the storm was brought about by God. Alouicious asked that primordial and interesting question--then why didn't God stop this flood, if he's so big and powerful? (Only he asked without the sarcasm.) We had an interesting and helpful discussion about sin and Jonah being a picture of Jesus going into the depths of the sea to be with us. A providential text to land on in a moment like this.
In 2006 I was massively pregnant with Romulus, it was a VBS week and we lived on the other side of the southside and so were able to walk down and see the rushing river from a safe distance. But basically the river walls held and it was only Conklin that took a big big hit. This looks so much huger, to my untrained eye.
The boil water advisory is causing angst amongst my cohort. What do you mean we can't just drink water!??? they cry out in desperation.
Which brings me to the end of this little activity because everybody is freaking out and I need to feed them all and provide them with drinks.

Go check out Jen and pray for the people devastated by fire! With all this flood, fire and other devastation, maybe Jesus will come back. That would be a big improvement on what I have planned now.

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