Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Pictures

 Marigold's new favorite thing is to remove her diaper. Trying to put off potty training for another week but it really is time.
 Lots and lots of cool TV that we don't have at home.
 One trip to the Fabulous Fountain.
 Matt' dad went on a trip for a couple of days and his dog, Bob, missed him very very very much.
 Some of the many presents I received for my birthday.
 A beautiful looking blackberry pie, which, unfortunately, was a failure. I put a whole cup of sugar over the berries but they were still sort of bitter tasting. Boo hoo. But the apple pie was delicious.
 Another trip to the fountain.

 The older girls getting their nails painted after the fountain.
 Matt honoring his father and mother by digging out their pond (see previous post about roaches) that his days may be long in whatever land the Lord his God gives him.
 Everybody likes the sand box.
 And we FINALLY got her ears pierced. Been weighing on my mind a great deal so I'm very pleased. She only cried for one second and then returned to happiness.

 And here is the roller skating.

And here is Marigold looking her disreputable dissatisfied usual self.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

How cruel, to pierce a child's ears without her permission! Where do you think you are, Africa?
(She looks beautiful — and girly.)
Love to you and your beautiful family!