Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes--a room of one's own

Its been too long since I've posted this.

The stinker Marigold the Menace slept, Two Nights In A Row, in a room by herself. Maybe the girls were waking her up. Practically liked her today, with all the sleep I got.
Finished our lit book two weeks early because I wanted to see how it ended and just read it all myself out loud. Pretty good, the Boxcar Children. As usual, however, its disconcerting with these young children's books, how the parents die without any particular grief caused to anyone. And the grandfather is there as the mere dispenser of treats.
Anyway, I don't intend to cash in early. In fact, have been dropping small nuggets into the minds of all my children like, "Well, Daddy and I will come live with you when we're very old, but we'll only live with you if you don't boss us around and if you have a nice clean house." So Alouicious has been giving it some thought. He's decided to buy land and have several houses so his siblings can live near him, and he's going to build into his own BIG house an extra kitchen, bedroom and sitting room all wheelchair accessible.

"So that" he said, "you can get away and make your own food or sit by yourself if you don't want to be around us all the time."

What a wise and sensible boy. They all (or rather just he and Elphine) were shocked to hear that they probably wouldn't only be able to live off a large garden but would need extra money to pay for heat, other kinds of food, a cool phone, taxes and stuff like that. Stupid Boxcar children, making everything look so simple with the free dishes and sleeping on pine needles and being given buckets of cherries.
Didn't even go in the basement today, so much do I not want to face it. Going to Really try and be brave first thing tomorrow and dig out the Christmas and Camping bins which I know are wet. Also, the carpet has dried, on its own, without any fans or anything, but it smells abundantly niffy. You can smell it just by walking in the front door. But I'm NOT complaining, because its just water and not sewage--praying as I type for all of Owego.
Sunday School is starting on Sunday! Boy am I not ready. But don't be afraid to send your kid because I WILL be ready by Sunday. It will be lovely. We have lovely teachers and lovely materials and lovely lovely lovely everything. Lovely because Gladys prays three or four times a day for everything to be "lovellllyyyyyy".
And maybe by then we will have had our first frost. Going to be really sad to have all my garden freeze. Not ready for this growing time to be over.

Always feel irritated and sad that the liturgical color continues being green while the world is turning gold and brown. I mean, it is good and right to remain in Ordinary Time through to Advent, but sometimes it would be nice for the ordinary to burnish into the dusky twilight of a dying year, I always think to myself. Still, the altar flowers change to be more autumy, usually. But even then, oughtn't we to have big baskets of leaves instead of flowers, as the year grows old and dies?

And so begins my annual anxiety over the changing colors of the trees. Will they be wonderful? Will they not be beautiful? What of all the water and rain? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

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Anonymous said...

I love your Quick Takes. It reminds me of my life - past and present. Not so much future. :)


Dr. Alice said...

Ah, the Boxcar Children! I remember them well. I was enchanted with their living arrangements, not so much with the dialogue which I remember as wooden (even when I was reading the books in second grade or thereabouts).