Monday, September 26, 2011

monday morning haze

I've caught a cold and am stumbling around dimly and wretchedly, trying to remember my own name and stuff like that. So, here's some other stuff from the internets and webs.

A really lovely article about Good Shepherd and how lovely we are by a really lovely person.

The competition is closed and the thread sort of got weird at the end, but over the weekend Matt hosted a little competition at SF. This was my favorite entry (comment #40 as you read down the thread).
Pondue, pondue, pondue, por-de-bra, jete, jete, jete, pirouette. Grand batement, arabesque, changement changement changement. *
*My offering is the final thought in a sermon presented entirely in liturgical dance. 
And this on the subject of the Episcopal Church. CRAZY!!! Wow. (Totally off topic, but MCJ calls people "Big Smacker" so much that its gotten stuck in my head and it is now my preferred method of speaking to my children. "Come here, Big Smacker," I crooned to my infant in the nursery at church yesterday, to the horror of another mother trying to drop off a child. Maybe That should be the baby's blog name!?)

Not being Catholic, I don't agree with everything, but this at Live Mother Like Daughter is really helpful and lovely on the subject of prayer and children. Also, I didn't find the link, but you should search and find her post on how to take a shower.

And while we're on the subject of prayer, Jessica is always good.

Simcha on why its a bad idea to have your children help you. I, by the way, agree with EVERYTHING she says on this subject, and that's why I'm such a screamer.

Doug Wilson takes on Easter Orthodoxy. All I have to say is, hee hee hee.

Alright, I'm going to take my cloudy mind and my Big Smacker and go work on the laundry. Have a Lovely Day.


Jim said...

I hope you feel better soon. I have added you to my prayers.


Jessica Snell said...

Thanks for the link!

JR said...

I read/am currently reading the post about how to take a shower. And here, I thought it would be like the scene from the old "Cheaper By the Dozen" where the father instructs his family on how to get in and out of the bath or shower in the minimum amount of time. I never gave my kids that lesson, but I have often thought about it. Especially when someone uses all the hot water, and I have just come in from the field and need a shower for more than just the feel good purposes. Have a great day.

Uncle from the far north