Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Rain was Raining all Around

And now the river is rising and rising. Two families came about 1am to spend the night in the church, having been told to evacuate to higher ground. I didn't even hear Matt get up to let them in. Two days of school have wiped me out. (Rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.)

Anyway, we have to dry out our own basement, and I need to step up my pace because my big enormous five year old turns out to be a touch brighter and more motivated than I bargained for. I won't lie, because he is so so so very lazy--as in lying-on-the-floor-weeping-about-being-tired-when-you-ask-him-to-do-anything lazy--I didn't think we would get much kindergarten kinds of stuff done and therefore set my sights fairly low. But he, and his little sister, decided not to take any break yesterday morning, working through page after wretched page of letters and numbers. So I am going to spend some time this week planning more stuff so that everything flows more smoothly.

And I'm also going to drop everything, when the moment arises, to pet the poor wretched miracle cat who has finally been forced to come up to escape the water.

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Melanie said...

I love your school room!!