Monday, September 19, 2011

monday morning haze: while you drive to work, think of me

The fog has burnt off and it looks to be a bright chilly day (don't you just depend on these little Monday weather updates? Its like I'm stuck in a rut.)--not so much a day for actually tackling the basement but for apple picking or something. However, I will feel so bad about myself if I neglect the basement even one day more, I am going to blunt my ear to the siren song of good weather and do my duty. But also because I really need a sweater and a pair of socks.

Its getting hard to find a warm spot to have a nap.

 This baby has ruined my weekly bath routine. All the other children have a bath on Saturday whether they need it or not, but she gets in the shower with whoever is having one because she's always covered in face cream, or syrup, or handfuls of jam, or dirt, or marker.
 This is her grandfather's hat. I'm unclear about how it ever fit on his head, since it just perfectly fits on hers.
Boy am I deeply and abidingly grateful not to be standing outside in my bathrobe and slippers clutching a tepid cup of tea waiting for a school bus. In fact, the last child only just woke up, and they've gotten their own breakfast and cleaned it up, and here I am blogging. I think I'll just take a short mid morning nap before doing any actual work. It is our day off, after all, and we have a busy week ahead of us--a Sunday School year to plan, attending the Garden Gala, Chinese Ink and Brush Drawing, a Turkey leg to roast, teaching Romulus and Gladys what a calendar looks like, math and spelling, and most of all, continuing to be amazed that our to battling cats have taken to sitting rather close together (though facing opposite directions) on our bed and gazing around as if nothing weird and unnatural is occurring at all. If you need me, just call Matt and he'll solve all your problems. Have a lovely day!

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