Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Spot of Learning

 To celebrate the first day of school, we're all sleeping past 7. And then we're going to eat bacon and toast and fried eggs and put on fancy new school clothes. Well, Elphine is, because, would you believe it, when she discovered she could wear anything she wanted for this whole year of school, she made a beeline for the uniform department and picked out a blue scooter, a white blouse with a rounded collar (what are those called) and a blue sweater, announcing, authoritatively, that this is what Lucy wore in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and that she, therefore, would be wearing it every day.
 And then, after we've done our morning chores, we'll do some memory work together. Elphine, blast her, insisted we call it "Rug Time" and that we will all have to sit on the rug. Bleh.
 And then the rest of the day we'll spend decorating notebooks, finding out what we'll be doing in every subject, what our various work boxes look like and when and how we're allowed to use them (as in YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THIS ON THE FLOOR SO THAT MARIGOLD TAKES EVERYTHING OUT AND DESTROYS IT DO I MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR).

 And we'll definitely do reading and math and a little tiny bit of piano.

And at the end of the day, the room will not look like this but will probably be a disaster area and I'll be freaking out about two babies on a mission to seek and destroy. Nevertheless, I'm practically euphoric about this year and all the interesting things we'll be learning and doing together. And, by the grace of God, I broke my phone, so there's no way you can get a hold of me unless you leave a message at the church :).


Laura in NJ said...

i think it's called a peter pan collar.

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

Best of luck to all of you!