Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend in Review

Matt has been on the phone with a Very Nice Tech Person for roughly the last two hours. My computer has moved on from the weird ruinous loop it was in to something more like a functioning computer. I have no idea what I did to it, but hopefully I will soon be able to lie back and perch it on my tummy, rather than straining to reach the keyboard of my desktop as I am doing now.

So the Yard Sale was FABULOUS!!!! Thank you all so much to everyone who helped, not only the day of, but the many days leading up--the endless boxes that were moved out of my house, the sorting and pricing, and good humor as each day was slightly hotter and more humid than the last. And, we made a very nice stack of money which will go a good distance towards our floors. What kind of distance? I have no idea because when I got online and googled 'flooring' I became completely confused and overwhelmed and decided not to do this kind of thing anywhere near a computer. Instead I will wait for the experts to return from holiday and advise me in person. I'm totally delighted, though, both at the prospect of new floors, and also because I have So Much Less Stuff.

Sorry about all the exclaiming.

Sunday, after an excellent morning of church, worship, Sunday School, and Cake to say goodbye to Micah, we got to meet a devoted Stand Firm reader who told us many interesting things about life in the trenches. She was able to stay to supper and endured the shouting of many enthusiastic children through the afternoon and evening.

Today, if Matt is ever able to get off the phone, we will continue to lie around and look outside at the heat from our beautifully air conditioned house. Maybe we will go outside this evening and watch Elphine and Alouicious ride their trainingwheelless bikes. And then tomorrow I will start deep cleaning because Micah is getting married this weekend, and it may be, in the course of the festivities, that someone will walk into the house and gaze into my cupboards, so I'm going to clean them all just in case.

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