Monday, August 31, 2009

Things I've got to do today because I didn't do them sooner

Today, after I stop lying here, I HAVE to do the following things.

-Go scavenging for prizes for CC on Wednesday
-Organizing my maps and geo notebooks for CC on Wednesday
-seek out and find science notebooks for Elphine and Alouicious for CC on Wednesday
-have Elphine and Alouicious practice their presentations for CC on Wednesday
-Keep practicing our family presentation for CC on Wednesday
-Buy a thermos so I can take mid morning tea with me to CC on Wednesday
(are you noticing a pattern yet?)
-Go look at the baby undergarment section with Romulus and Gladys and dig out the plastic pants because they CAN use the potty and they ought to all the time
-Finish writing Thank You Notes for the whole of this year and actually send them
-Have a family picnic right now because its not raining for 15 seconds

I think this list is achievable because my house is clean. And instead of running around messing it up, the children, for some inexplicable reason, are all trying to work out with their dad. I think probably one of the most satisfying things in life is lying in bed watching Other people work up a sweat.

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quirkyskittle said...

Adam Clayton from U2 would agree with your last point. One time he brought an interviewer to Central Park and told him, "Today, we're going to do something very healthy: we're going to watch other people exercise."