Friday, August 14, 2009

Because its Friday; Jen's 7 Quick Takes

Here they are, and go check out the rest at Jen's.
My brand new wonderful computer is completely on the fritz. We're sitting here together, my broken new computer and I, divided from each other, unhappy. So, while I sort, I'll probably have a phone appended to my ear, sitting on hold, cursing quietly under my breath and not hearing what everyone else is saying or doing around me.
Did I mention I am still sorting. I have a smallish pile left in the garage, and a few boxes upstairs. I shouldn't be sitting here, I should be out there getting it done before people show up to sort and price. Lord help me get through this last bit of stuff!!!! Of course, then I have to deal with the stuff I'm not getting rid of--the boxes and boxes of books, my china, the toys that the children remember and miss. None of this can come out of boxes until I acquire some serious number of book shelves, a china cupboard, some kind of something for all my sewing...Did I mention that I'm also trying to trust God more in the material realm of life? Well I am. Ask me in a week how its working out for me.
I'm so relieved that Matt's deposition is over. Didn't realize what a huge stress it was waiting for it to happen until I came in and found him cashed out in his office chair, mouse in hand, fingers on the keyboard, breathing quietly and regularly for the first time in weeks. Thank you to EVERYONE who prayed.
I made bread nearly a week ago for the first time in this house. And stock. Felt like things were maybe becoming normal. And, in the spirit of that normality, I've left a big vat of stock in the fridge for a whole week and have to use it all today or it will go sour. So along with getting ready for this sale, I have to make some kind of fabulous soup. But now I have three boxes of kitchen stuff that I intend to keep, to trip over while I do it, and a baby who won't let me leave vegetables on the counter while I cook. Plus, remember, I'll be on the phone, so it should be a fun and productive day.
Last night I completely bored Matt by watching this

and this

In my effort to read some other book beside The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass for the 17th time, I've been rereading all the James Harriet books and googling him online. Really, they are brilliantly written--so funny, so self-effacing, so horrible to think about putting your whole entire arm up the backside of a cow. So the documentary was a little slow, Matt didn't need to sigh quite so loudly as it was going on and on and on.
As I've been sorting, I've seriously been applying my mind to what colors all the various rooms in this house should be. By the gracious permission of the vestry, I hope to paint (or rather have painted) the kitchen cabinets something bright, creamy and cheery, but essentially, the whole kitchen needs to blend with and show off my beautiful industrial grade wine colored Kitchen Aid Mixer that can handle the doubling or tripling of any recipe. This leaves me flummoxed. What color should the kitchen walls be? And the dining room? You can see the mixer from some points in the dining room, so it should go, in some fashion or other. These are the critical questions to which I have no answers.
This coming Wednesday I have a follow up three hour (four times of taking blood) blood sugar test for Gestational Diabetes. I'll be perfectly honest, I'm thoroughly unnerved by this eventuality. I really covet your prayers that the test will be normal and that I won't have permanently ruined my body chemistry by chewing on tick-tacks for the first six months of pregnancy or whatever it was that caused my sugar to be high. I've done all kinds of sudden reading on this subject, and I gather that everything will be fine, but I require prayer anyway.


TeacherMommy said...

I will be praying. I really hope that won't be the case! But you're right, everything will be fine.

I've been whiling away my evenings watching the BBC (?) series "All Creatures Great and Small", which is (quite faithfully) based on the Herriot books, on my computer through Netflix Watch Instantly. A delightful series, if somewhat grainy from being produced in the 80s or 90s or whatever. What amazes me is that the actors apparently put their arms fully up the cows' backsides as well! Talk about dedication to one's craft...

Keith Bramlett said...

Prayers ascending.

Jessica said...

Glad to hear the deposition is over, and will be praying for the GD test.

I've given up baking bread for summer. In SoCal with no A/C, it's just asking for misery. But hopefully I'll get back into it this fall!

punctuation without capitalization said...

you got a new mixer?

sweet digs. the professional ones are the bomb.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Of course, it will be fine, but praying that God will take care of you -- and of course He will even without being asked. I guess tomorrow is D-Day. Please inform!