Friday, August 21, 2009

A Couple of Announcements

Thank You For Praying
I passed my blood sugar test, may God be ever praised. Thank you so much for praying. I am very much looking forward to a piece of cake at Micah's wedding now. But I'm not going to start eating white bread, at least not every moment of the day.

Mimi and Meg are having a blow out sale!
Go check out their etsy site and buy something beautiful before its all gone.


Geri said...

I am very happy about your test results. That is what I prayed for. Staying away from the white bread won't only be good for your blood sugar; it is good for your hips. Complex carbs are the answer. There are some really good whole grain breads out there now.

Anonymous said...

God is so Good! I know that both you and Matt are relieved...

(BTW, I've been eating Stroehmann's Potato Bread for 15 years now - good stuffe, and it stands up to peanut butter!!!)